How to Get Started in Voice Over: Step

5 Audition

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Like a sample, an audition is a snippet of recorded audio to demonstrate how you would perform the piece and the quality of product you could deliver. In most cases, there is a provided script to read. Also like a sample, each platform will have their own requirements, and it is important to know what those are before you begin recording- it will reduce the amount of tweaking you will have to do later. 


  • Read the entire script- look for clues regarding accent, character, etc.
  • Know how to pronounce any unfamiliar words and practice any particularly perplexing phraseology. 
  • Determine the tone of the piece and the feeling you are trying to convey. 
  • You do not need to read an entire sample- but have at least 2-5 minutes available. 
  • Listen to your sample! Redo or adjust any parts that you are not satisfied with. 

Record your sample, edit it, and format it. It is vital to provide the absolute best quality of audio that you can provide.

Then you are ready to upload! Good luck!

How to Get Started in Voice Over
Audition 100%

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